Katherine Hall Page, Agatha Award-winning mystery novelist

Praise for Katherine Hall Page

  • Master of the Agatha Christie-like traditional mystery.
  • Only author ever to be nominated for an Agatha Award in four different categories, and winning Best First Novel, Best Short Story, and Best Novel. Nominated for Non-Fiction.
  • Recipes mentioned in the text included in a special section at the end.

The Body in the Birches

The Body in the Piazza

The Body in the Boudoir

The Body in the Gazebo

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"These mystery novels are great gifts for mom" (Sharon Galligar Chance Special to Scripps Newspapers)

"Humor, Suspense & Recipes In This Page Turner" (Gail Cooke)

The Body in the Sleigh

"Not only is The Body in the Sleigh, a gripping whodunit, but it's a classic tale of hope. Katherine Hall Page is my favorite writer of the traditional mystery."
Harlan Coben

In her 18th adventure and her holiday debut, amateur sleuth Faith Fair child (The Body in the Gallery) has two cases to keep her busy this Christmas—the death of a troubled young woman and the discovery of a baby boy left in a manger. How are these events related? Fans as well as readers new to the series will enjoy this heartwarming tale. (Dedicating this book to librarians, Page includes a lovely essay celebrating librarianship.)
Library Journal

A babe in a manger and a somewhat older babe dead in a sleigh provide sleuthing caterer Faith Fairchild with a Christmas conundrum.

Faith Fairchild and her family are spending the holiday season on Maine’s Sanpere Island. Even the allegedly idyllic island in Penobscot Bay has not escaped the evils of the drug trade. Faith discovers the corpse of a teen with island connections, presumably the victim of a fatal overdose, in an antique sleigh. In the meantime Mary Bethany, a spinster who runs a summer B&B, keeps goats and makes cheese, has found Christopher, a newborn baby boy, in her barn, along with a note asking her to keep the baby and a paper bag with $50,000 to defray costs. Mary enlists Faith to help her find the baby’s mother from a short list of people who knew of the reclusive goatkeeper. As Faith’s husband, Rev. Thomas Fairchild, amuses the children while recovering from a gallstone operation, Faith begins her journey of discovery. She soon finds a connection between the baby’s mother, Miriam Carpenter, a college student with a drug-dealing boyfriend, and Norah, the dead teen whose Sanpere boyfriend is a suspect in her murder. Drug dealers insufficiently supplied with the Christmas spirit make life dangerous for Faith and Mary.

The feel-good Christmas theme, pleasant characters and recipes will keep the faithful content.

The Body in the Gallery

Along with fun foodie details, Page provides an entertaining subplot involving Faith's rebellious teenage son, Ben.

Publishers Weekly 3/3/08

"Katherine Hall Page's intellect and wit shine through in every line of The Body in the Gallery. And what better combination than to put food and art at the center of a winning mystery? Hungry readers, enjoy!"
Diane Mott Davidson

"Well-told... [Page] at her solid best."
New York Times Book Review

"Page continues to hit the mark with this charming series."
Publishers Weekly

"Fun for all readers, and some great recipes, too."
Stuart News (FL)

"Katherine Hall Page has found a great recipe for delicious mysteries: take charming characters, mix with ingenious plots, season with humor. Bon appétit!"
—Nancy Pickard

"Satisfying and surprisingly delicious."
Los Angeles Times

"Tightly written, with strong characterizations and delightful descriptions of its New England setting."
Publishers Weekly

"[Page's] young sleuth is a charmer."
New York Times Book Review

Sparkles like a Yankee pond on a bright autumn day!"
Washington Post Book World

"An expert at the puzzle mystery."
Fort Laderdale Sun-Sentinel

"Forget about your diet. It's time you sampled this author's marvelous treats."
Jackson Clarion-Ledger

"Page builds atmosphere and tension beautifully, mesmerizing the reader. The Body in the Bonfire is a serious joy for lovers of classic crime."
Romantic Times

"Slightly banter...a whole lot of action."
Houston Chronicle

"Faith's fans are sure to be pleased."
Kirkus Review

"Faith is a gem."
Toronto Globe & Mail

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